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Travel FAQs

What is a typical tournament weekend like?

A typical weekend would include a minimum of 3 games and as many as 5 for a 2 day tournament. Three day tournaments can be as many as 7 games. For a local tournament in Sunnyvale (Twin Creeks) starting at 10am Saturday typical activities would include:
* Arrive at 9am for warm ups (the coaches typically want the players at the field 1 hour before game times).
* 10am game that last about 2 hours.
* Depending on the time of the next game, players stay and eat lunch at the facility, or some families leave the facility for a group movie or lunch.
* The players return for pregame warm up 1 hour before 2nd game on Saturday.
* Occasionally there is a team dinner Saturday evening, if game times allow with players and families invited.
* Depending on the results of the previous day and seedings, Sunday game times are communicated, which determine field arrival time.

My son is not playing in the positions that he routinely plays in Little League. Why is this?

All the Sliders are top players in their respective Little Leagues. As a result, most of them are pitchers, catchers, and/or shortstops in Little League. Unfortunately, there are six other field positions that Sliders need to fill during tournaments. Besides, it is in the best interest of every player to learn and be able to and be excited to play a variety of positions. Selecting tournament rosters, line ups, and playing time can be affected by the ability of a player to play in many spots in the field.

What if my child is listed on the roster but is not selected for a tournament?

The roster will include 12-13 players selected by the Head Coach. The Head Coach will select 10-12 players per tournament. The selection is at the Head Coach’s discretion based on practice attendance, effort, attitude, ability, among other factors. The coaches intention will be ensure players on the roster get to as many tournaments as possible. Inevitably, not all players are available for each tournament since tournaments occur on holiday weekends (e.g., Memorial Day) and breaks (e.g. mid winter) which generally give all players ample tournament opportunities.

Are there different rules in Travel Baseball?

Travel Baseball rules are different than Little League in several ways. Travel Baseball is more like Major League Baseball in many ways: players can lead off and steal at any time, pitchers can pick you off, the bases are farther away (70-90 feet), the pitcher’s mound is further away (50-60 feet), a batter can attempt to advance on dropped third strikes, balks are called. Pitching rules are also different relative to Little League. Travel Baseball rules limit innings pitched: innings pitched in a game, innings pitched in a day, and innings pitched in a 2 day tournament. There are no restrictions on pitcher-to-catcher rotation like Little League. There are no restrictions on pitch type (e.g., curve balls – many are thrown). There are also time limits to the game (approximately 1hour and 50 minutes). These are the main differences. Strategies and techniques are also different. All in all it makes for fast paced and exciting baseball.

Do I need different equipment for Travel Baseball?

Travel Baseball allows for big barrel bats which have a diameter of 2 5/8”and must be stamped with USSSA BPF 1.15 compared to Little League bats with diameters of 2 ¼”. The team will have a few bats and helmets available. Some players own their own big barrel bats and helmets. It is not a requirement, but many find it preferable. 13U players are encouraged to wear metal spikes.

What if there are not enough Sliders players available for a tournament?

If after contacting all Slider players, we don’t have enough players to field a team of 10, the coach may invite additional guest players from the practice squad for that tournament only. These guest players will be invited to practice with the team before the tournament. Playing time is at the discretion of the Head Coach.

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