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"Much of my son’s success in baseball is thanks to the instruction of Jake and his coaching staff. They do a fantastic job finding the balance between teaching baseball and making baseball fun. They continually tailored the lesson to my son’s skill level as he improved over time. Their combination of instruction and drill repetition clearly surpasses anything provided in a regular little league practice. It all helped my son become a valued player on his baseball teams. More importantly, he was having fun along the way."

- Kirby B. Corte Madera, CA

"I have been taking lessons from Jake Carrillo and his staff for several years. In the beginning I really needed a lot of help. The instructors really helped me with my self confidence and told me things that I could do that I understood. They did not make things too complicated. I feel like I always learn and this could be seen at my next baseball game after a lesson. The lesson is fun and the instructors are really easy to work with."

- Tyler B. Mill Valley, CA

"Baseball can be a challenging game because one day your child is hitting lights out at the plate and then the next game struggling just to make contact. Usually a lesson with Jake and his team gives my son enough self confidence and strategies to figure out what he can do to adjust at the next game. Jake and his team take the time to understand the needs of my son and to talk to him in a way that does not overwhelm him. They know not to give too many instructions but to just keep everything uncomplicated. My son skills have really grown under Jake and his team."

- Janet M. Mill Valley, CA

"I highly recommend Jake and Derek. Jake, Derek and the coaching staff have worked with all three of my boys (ages 7-12) for several years both in lessons and on the travel baseball teams. All of my boys have improved tremendously under their tutelage including pitching, catching, batting, defense, and base running. They have a terrific gift of breaking down the fundamental techniques of the game and communicating them so my kids can understand them, thereby maximizing their learning. They teach both the physical and mental elements of the game increasing both baseball skill and baseball "IQ", tailoring their direction to the appropriate age level. The lessons provide skill development and a common language for me to engage my kids and reinforce the skills at home. I also use the lessons to improve my knowledge and successfully bring them to the little league teams I coach. Their approach walks the important line between a challenging and a supportive environment, allowing competitive kids to get pushed and take the necessary risks to make the improvements they may not see in the little league environment. The travel teams provide a terrific challenge for the child the wants to compete at the higher levels. The combinations of the teams and the lessons with Jake and Derek provide a terrific confidence boost for the kids. Ultimately, it is their true passion for the game and the honest interest in seeing kids improve and grow to love the game that makes them so successful with the kids."

- Bruce C. Corte Madera, CA

"Jake and his staff are absolutely the best baseball instructors a parent could select for a child. They are great technical teachers and patient with kids of all ages. Beyond that, they truly love baseball and deeply understand the great life lessons baseball can provide. My son has not only become a much better baseball player, he has also learned valuable lessons beyond baseball in the process. Everyone on Jake's staff, and especially Jake, set great examples for the kids on how to play the game the "right way" and are great role models. It's a great feeling as a parent to be able to provide this experience to a child."

- Jeff O. Tiburon, CA

"Jake and his excellent coaching staff have instructed and coached our son Matt since he was 9 years old. He’s 16 now and still playing ball. We’ve done it all – lessons, travel ball teams, and summer camps. The coaches are players themselves, and definitely know baseball. In addition to technical skills and game strategy, they teach what it means to be a member of a team, to achieve success through hard work, and to be a good sport. And they make it FUN! The coaches are patient, respectful, and great with kids of all ages. We parents appreciate that the Sliders program is so well-organized. Thank you, Sliders, for many years of inspiring and fun baseball!

- Lori, Mark & Matt C. - Tiburon, CA

"Jake and his team of coaches can't be beat. If your son wants to better his game and learn from experienced coaches, you should give Jake a call. His travel ball teams have been a very positive experience for our son as well. Your entire family becomes a part of the Sliders' family while enjoying America's favorite pastime. Jake and the Golden Gate Sliders are an organization loyal to its young players and are impactful coaches on their young lives. My son's favorite summer camp for four years was the Sliders camps. Don't miss out!"

- Kim G. - Mill Valley, CA

"The time my boys have spent with the Sliders has been a special opportunity and a rewarding experience… I simply wanted to take the opportunity to thank Jake and his excellent coaching staff for the last” four” years of exceptional baseball instruction for my two sons (Connor, 12) and (Caden, 9). Both came to Sliders with a love of baseball and a desire to improve and compete at a higher level. As a parent, I wanted them to gain confidence, be taught how to hit, catch, run and throw correctly, as well as learn from professionals, how the game of baseball is played. Through private lessons, both boys continue to make significant strides in their hitting ability, as have worked extensively on improving pitch and strike-zone recognition, timing, balance, quickness, power, and aptitude to see different pitches. When they get up to the plate they look confident, they look threatening, they look like “real” baseball players. Everyone wants to be a pitcher and “yes”, so do my boys. They have been instructed in the mechanics that are necessary to enjoy safe and successful throwing and pitching, while improving their accuracy and velocity. The boy’s coaches possess the knowledge of skills, drills, and methods of role modeling that have helped them succeed. My older son is a testament of this success, making the Slider’s travel ball team earlier this year. His skill level has quickly excelled and he is not only getting better, but also enjoying every moment with his coaches and fellow players. I am truly impressed with the level of instruction and the coaches modeling of sportsmanship and respect for their players, the other team, the umpires and all plays, (good or bad). You will never hear a negative comment, or see an eye-roll by a player in the Slider’s dugout. Truly phenomenal!!! Slider’s travel ball has been a great experience and my younger son can hardly wait to tryout. Last but not least, Jake’s Slider’s summer camps are fantastic and fun…a quote from my boys, “BEST camp ever!”

– Kristin M. - Sausalito, CA

"Jake and his staff of trained professionals are the best out there. Both my sons 11 and 13 play baseball and we have tried many private coaches. When is comes to lessons, Jake's staff spends quality time with each kid and works on proper technique. They really care about results. The boys tell me Jake has the best camps of all baseball camps they have attended. We have been working with Jake for many years and we are so impressed with him that both my sons joined the Golden Gate Sliders travel team. We spent a week in Cooperstown this past summer and it was an experience of a life time for the entire family. If you are looking for quality, results, and a great experience, you've found the right organization."

– Jack T. - Tiburon, CA

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